Following a discrete opening mid June of 2001, and a handful of magical parties, Nouveau Casino launched itself into the Parisian musical scene.

Nouveau Casino is determined to defend a different perspective of music, one which privileges hybrid expression and cutting edge initiatives. It has positioned itself as a host for concerts, images and unique parties where musical discovery is linked to a resolutely convivial atmosphere.

Entirely isolated from its immediate neighbours by a wall of colossal thickness and endowed with highly professional technical equipment as well as a team that possess know-how in multiple fields, Nouveau Casino is a remarkable concert hall that has the ability to welcome different artistic expressions, namely those from digital arts.

Moreover, when night falls, Nouveau Casino has the rare privilege of transforming itself into a veritable club where live electronic music mixes with the pleasure of the dance floor for groovy and sparkly parties.

The Nouveau Casino’s Background

Nouveau Casino concert hall saw its debut in 1999 by the initiative and funding of the managers of the Café Charbon to which it is attached.

Its architects, Louis Paillard and Anne-Françoise Jumeau – already authors of the "L’Empreinte" ?, the music café in Savigny-Le-Temple - established a multifunctional project that enables Nouveau Casino to act as a lively club, a gallery for multimedia exhibitions, and as a highly competent concert as well.

The site set up shop behind the Café Charbon, where an old leather tannery used to stand. This space was a concert-café from 1850 to 1909 and had known several names over its many years of existence ( Le St Pierre, the Folies d’Athènes, and the Nouveau Casino ) to then become a cinema (Cinéma Casino Oberkampf) in the 1910s. The Café Charbon was then renowned for hosting a theatre, and the project took its name from one of the establishments the turn of the century.

It is with the arrival of Marie-Pierre Bonniol in July 2000 that the Nouveau Casino defined its artistic vocation and its administrative structure. It is thus that Nouveau Casino established itself as a site for innovative artistic expression, and built its business through an aggressive calendar of activity.

The inaugural concert took place on the 19th of June 2001, and was followed by a series of events throughout the summer, and a series of launch parties during the month of September.

The story / History has only just begun…

Artistic Orientation

Nouveau Casino’s artistic project aims to strike a delicate balance between the different types of performances, as well as to bring together very different musical styles which would otherwise have stood worlds apart, even if the Nouveau Casino has decreed its orientation towards contemporary music (rock and electronica) by the very nature of its architecture.

We devote the site to partying by organising clubbing nights, where the freshness of spirit and the warm atmosphere set the tone and scene of this new space this summer.

We aspire to develop a place of artistic diffusion with a human dimension that could counter the dichotomy between commercial activity and artistic development.

Its intermediary dimension, the quality of the acoustics and the comfort of its architecture are to this day still the honourable assets that the Nouveau Casino prides itself for when attracting the professionals as well as the public.

Open every day, the Nouveau Casino has already welcomed or will be welcoming to its stage the likes of Rubin Steiner, Bosco, Tuxedomoon, Shantel, Telepopmusik, Stereolab, Ready Made, Pole, Lab°, Tav Falco, the experiments of Keith Rowe, Datarock, V.L.A.D and Chevreuil or even the devilish sets of Chloé, Dave Clark, Nathan Fake, Krikor or Kid Loco.

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